Acne Skin

Should oily and blemish skin use Sunscreen ?

Although everybody knows the importance of sunscreen to block the UV radiation, it may also block the follicular plugs, leads to the occurrence of blackhead and whitehead. It seems that sunscreen is contradictory to oily and blemish skin.

In fact, all of us need sunscreen, especially acne prone skin. The hyperpigmentation caused by inflammation of active acne prone skin will be accelerated by UV radiation. Moreover, the use of photo-sensitive anti-acne drugs may enhance the absorption of UV radiation by skin. Therefore people with oily and acne skin should use sunscreen in particular. Hence, people with acne or oily skin should choose a non-greasy, non-irritating sunblock product with UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection.


Pigment Skin

Will my pigmentation recur if I shop the program? Will it become worse?

Most pigment problems occur as a result of overproduction of pigment by pigment cells (melanocytes) which are in excess, or have become sensitive to even low levels of UV radiation. The Derma-Rx program eliminates existing pigment and reduces the formation of new pigment – the pigment cells are still intact. If the program is stopped without using other maintenance products and sunscreens, pigmentation will recur in the same areas where it originally existed. It is unlikely that the pigmentation will get worse unless there is increased sun-exposure, other external irritation or inflammation due to other causative agent.


Mature Skin

Which one is more effective for skin rejuvenation? Medical Skincare Products or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment?

Both of them can accomplish the effect of skin rejuvenation. In order to maximize the effect of skin rejuvenation by IPL, aptly use of medical skincare products before and after IPL treatment is indispensable. Furthermore, the result of skin rejuvenation by IPL is prompt but not permanent. Although the treatment by medical skincare products needs a longer period of time, it however enhance and prolong the skin rejuvenation effect by IPL, and thereby providing a long term solution in skin rejuvenation. Thus, Derma-Rx medical skincare products complement IPL treatment in view of skin rejuvenation. This combination brings break-through to contemporary and conventional medical skincare treatment.